This wall hanging is a brightly coloured undulating surface, painted in such a way to simulate a light surface, made three colours that have been projected on it. These colours are red, green and blue, with yellow cyan and magenta being the secondary colours.  It is interesting to see a multitude of  hues that have been created by just three initial colours mixed in different strengths according to the angle of plane. With all ancient literature, primary energies that come in threes have been creative forces and light primaries are explicit in this as the entire range of the spectrum can be made from red, green and blue.
This art work has been conceived exclusively in from a computer, the light mix has been completely worked out by it. This is an attempt to manifest a concept that depicts real world through simulation. Here the simulation has been created into the real world for appreciation and inspection.This art work is perfect for a wall in a brightly lit situation amongst other colours or against a white wall where the colours can jump out
MEDIUM: Polyurethane & Polypropylene, Paper,  Acrylic paint
DIMENSIONS: H 500 MM / W 500 MM / D 160MM 
ARTISTS: Paul & Mark Cummings
Abstract, minimal, conceptual, cubist,  pop art, 
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